I live in Suwalki, a town in northeastern Poland called “the Polish pole of cold”. I've been taking photographs for over 30 years. The main subject of my photography, because of my interests and education, is nature. I have always been fascinated by the world hidden to the human eye, the world of small things. That’s why close-up photography is so special for me.

For some years I've been especially interested in microphotography. I took the first photograph of this kind in 1980. It was in black and white and of poor quality. The lack of appropriate equipment and materials in that period put a stop to this kind of photography for many years.

Digital photography gave me the possibility of returning to photography through the microscope and it is microphotography that absorbed me totally. It doesn't mean I resigned from other branches of photography. I still take close-up and landscape photographs. But microphotography is the most important to me.

Taking photographs with the use of microscope means discovering different worlds for myself and for others. I try to show not only a document but also the beauty of the micro world.